feasibility study on multinational volleyball competition for southern africa

This project aims to improve the competition system of Volleyball in the Southern African region with the ultimate objective of improving the competitiveness of the sport and bringing it onto an internationally comparable level. This is to be achieved, by developing a multinational Volleyball event for countries in Southern African region. The feasibility of such a competition needs to be assessed and conditions making the event feasible need to be determined. Further strategies to maximise the success and benefits of such competition will be formulated. The study aims to answer questions such as:

what makes a competition feasible?
which competition system is optimal?
Will revenue exceed the cost of hosting?
Which sources of revenue are available and how can they be maximised?
Who should be the owner of such event?

download progress and results here:
feasibility study process model
national federation survey questionnaire
preliminary findings presentation
the vision (now it's our turn)
the final report